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“ How do you use this? I'm an ol' hippie learnin new tricks. ”


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1.Remove the titanium nail from the box. Unscrew the tiny bolt at the top and put the quartz dish into place, flat side down. Screw the bolt back on to hold the dish in place. 2.Beneath that will be a smooth cylindrical section. Unscrew that piece from the bottom of the nail, slide the heating coil onto that smooth cylinder, and then screw the nail back into place. (To transition the nail from one gender to another, simply unscrew the lowest section of the nail, turn it upside down, and then screw it back into place. Voila! Super universal.) 3.Connect the power cord to the heating coil securely at the metal connector. 4.Affix the titanium nail firmly to the joint of your smoking device. 5.Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. Once the device is plugged in, five indicator lights will flash in rapid succession. 6.Set the temperature gauge to the desired temperature.

SmokeCartel Crew on July 16, 2017

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