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Breanna Burd


“ Hi! i've had this pen since may and i use it maybe 3 times a week. everything about it has been great, however the grooves on the top & bottom of the blue plastic middle piece have completely warped and split apart. when i say this i mean that the spiral ingraved in the top and bottom of the plastic to screw onto the mouthpiece & loading portion have i unspiraled- like a slinky effect. this obviously makes it almost impossible to unscrew it to load and reload, and i feel a product meant for heat should be able to withstand it. have you had this problem before? it's very disappointing to have to replace an expensive pen after a few months. ”


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I believe you're referring to the plastic visual chamber that connects the pen body to the mouthpiece. We do sell a replacement kit for this pen that comes with a new visual chamber as well as a replacement atomizer and pen cap. Make sure to match the color on the box of the replacement kit to the color of the pen you have. If the pen you have now is blue, neither the green nor orange replacement packs will be compatible.

SmokeCartel Crew on July 19, 2017

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